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In 2008, I went on holiday to the Caribbean.

I'd just bought an ebook reader (a Sony PRS-505).

I wanted to travel light, so I tried to load the ereader up with all the books I wanted to read.

And I hit the first problem: where to buy them.

  • Some ebookstores didn't sell the right format;
  • Others did but wouldn't sell to me because I was in a different country;
  • Others would, but I didn't like the price.

Sound familiar?

So I wrote some code to help me search, and that turned into a website called

Some time later, I decided that name was just too clunky, so I changed it to

Many years later, the original problem hasn't changed.

It's still hard to find

  • the ebook you want

  • in the format you need

  • at the price you like

Luzme aims to help you with this problem - I hope you like it!

Rachel Willmer